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The Power of Politics


What you can do:


     • Show up

     • Stand up

     • Speak up



     Register to vote.  Make sure you are registered.  Double-check that you are still registered.  (Some political parties are working hard to "un-register" voters, in order to win underhandedly.  Double-check your registration to help avoid such dastardly tricks.)


     You can use the form below from Vote.Org to make sure that your registration is still on the books.  It only takes about 30 seconds to fill out the form and less than that for them to send your answer back to you.



     If it turns out that you are not registered, DO NOT PANIC!

     Here is a link to help you get registered:


     These are just a couple of preliminary steps.  There is a lot more that each of us can do, and we'll explore these possibilities as the election season continues.  (Yes, we ARE in "election season" already, for better or worse.  I don't make the rules.)

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