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The First Issue

1st Cover,
Pat Melody1st Cover, Pat Melody

When the Coffeehouse Ghiberti closed, Pith, the Magazine opened.

The Second Issue

2nd Cover,
Pat Melody2nd Cover, Pat Melody

We learned what it took to make another issue, without having a stable of poets handy.

Winter 1995

The Third Issue

It took a few months,

but we made another one. 

For the glory of story

And the gnome of poem.

Pith, the magazine.

Sticking needles into frogs since 1995.


The next issue of Pith is slated for 2018.  It will be at least 40 pages of humor, pathos, drama, and skulduggery.  (Yes, "pages."  We print straight out of the past onto re-mulched tree bits, so that you can actually put it down and go do stuff, sometimes.)

And we want YOU to be a part of it!

We use stories, essays, plays, poetry, lyrics, jokes, comics, as well as black-and-white artwork and photography.  And also whatever else you can convince us to use.

The Clow