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Shown above is our first cover, from the summer of 1995, drawn by Pat Melody.  Our premier issue featured works by Chris Kratsch, Gg Weber, Heather Nairn and many others — including the original founder, editor and publisher, Randy Cromwell.

Connecting dots. . .


8 Mar 2017


This year will see one new issue of Pith.  It is going to be amazing.  Next year will have two issues.  2019 is up in the air.  By 2020, the plan is for Pith to be quarterly, as was the original intent.  Your moral, emotional, and spiritual support is essential and integral to this endeavour.  I thank you all.



5 Jan 2017

Still in the planning stages, the next issue of Pith is already beginning to take shape.  As always, it will be better than the previous.  Your input is very much desired.

20 Dec 2016

We discovered two new physical distribution points today.  Exciting times in the world of print!


14 Dec 2016

Today saw a lot of design work.  Don't get too used to this layout.  More changes are coming soon.


13 Dec 2016

The e-mail connection got re-established today.  It was a rush to look back at some of the submissions from years past.  We're really looking forward to the new ones that are coming.


12 Dec 2016

Pith has always existed without any paid advertising.  There have been a few issues that would not have happened without the generous support of some donors who wished to remain anonymous.  We are still immensely grateful to those individuals who made sure that the mission of Pith could continue.


11 Dec 2016

As you've noticed, it's been over a year since the previous update.  Like most of the world, Pith, too, had a pretty eventful year.  Stories will be shared and toasts will be drunk!  (It always cracks me up when Melba gets tipsy.)


28 Nov 2015

As has always been true of Pith, there have been at least as many behind-the-scenes stories as there have been stories in the magazine itself.  I will share a few of the more interesting ones as time permits.


Be patient.  It's going to take a while.

Pith Magazine, Volume IV, Issue 1       will be printed in October 2017.

Submission deadline: 1 August 2017

113 days and counting...

Get on it!

We are open to all genres and concepts.  Themes for the upcoming issue will be autumn, memorials, and ghosts, but please do not let that limit your creativity.  We are just as likely to print a werewolf-steak recipe as a nude selfie of the Pope.  Impress us with your creativity and your unique view of the world.  Share it with us and make it good, and we are likely to share it in turn.  We are open to anything that is fascinating, startling, thought-provoking, deeply moving, well-drawn, -shot, and -written.  The themes are simply suggestions.  Create your art and send it in.

For best results, submit now.


I need to know what reality tastes like to you.  Show me.  Tell me.  Make me believe.


Working toward next...

The next issue of Pith is slated for October of 2017.  It will be at least 40 pages of humor, pathos, drama and skulduggery.  (Yes, we print straight out of the past onto re-mulched tree bits, so that you can actually put it down and go do stuff, sometimes.)

And we want YOU to be a part of it!

Deadline for all materials is 1 August 2017.

We use stories, essays, plays, poetry, lyrics, B&W artwork, B&W photography, comics and jokes.   And also whatever else you can convince us to use.


send your submissions to

Pith, the magazine.

Gigging frogs for art since 1995

You will see many updates to the site in the coming days and weeks!

The next issue might be another spooky one — only you can say!

Deadlines are already looming.  Ready your submissions quickly.  August first will arrive before you know it!

Stories: Please submit no more than two stories at a time.  The length limit is 5,000 words.  All genres are considered.


Poetry: No more than five poems at a time, please.  The general limit for poetry is 48 lines, but that can be flexible.


Photography & Art: No more than five pieces at a time, please.


Feel free to write with questions if need be.

Submit to me!

Yes, you can put off your submissions until July, but you deserve to know that earlier submissions have a better chance of getting in.