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Submitting to Pith

We look at one story at a time.  We welcome all genres, including: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Western, Historical, Historical Romance, Horror, Experimental, Avant Garde, Mainstream, or any other.

We are interested in well-written, provocative, thought-provoking pieces.  We do not have a need for excessively graphic sex or violence, but I'm going to leave it to you to decide what "excessively graphic" means.  Sex does sell, and so does blood, so we're not especially squeamish.  If it's in there, it should be present to further the story, rather than simply titillate.
Length: Stories can be anywhere from 100 words (or less, if you're that good) up to 12,000 words or more.  Use as many words as you need to tell your story — no more, no less.
We are willing to consider serialization of stories, as well, if your piece is too long for one issue.
We also consider: essays, plays, reviews and other forms of prose.
We will consider up to five poems at a time.

We are open to all forms of poetry.  Rhyming poetry is just as welcome as non-rhyming poetry.  In either case, make it good.
We will consider up to five photographs at any given time.

We only use black-and-white photography at this time.

Subject matter is completely at your discretion.

Again, graphic sex or violence are not requested.
We will consider up to five pieces of art at any given time.  We only use black-and-white art at this time, althought we are very interested in pencil, pen-and-ink, watercolors, and anything else you've got that shows up well in a black-and-white format.
Subject matter is completely at your discretion.  Again, graphic sex or violence are not requested.
Other Items
We are also very interested in comic strips, jokes, song lyrics, and whatever else you think might present well in a paper magazine.  Give it a try.  We're pretty open-minded.
We buy First North American Serial Rights.

We consider works that have been published on the Internet.
There will be more details added soon.  In the meantime, write with any questions, or just go ahead and submit:
Editor <at>

When one magazine rejects your work, send it to one of the others among the thousands that are out there.

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